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Posts published in “Lirik”

In Your Time


The story left behind coldlyEvery moment of that time is vivid to meIn the fairy tale-like timeI am filled with the fear of being left aloneThe heart that stopped, now I’m trying to let goSo I can find the lost times Like this, I meet…



Wo-o-o-o-oWo-o-o-o-o Wo-o-o-o-oWo-o-o-o-o I will remember the moment I laughed with you기억할게 너와 웃던 순간 I will remember the time I was holding with you난 기억할게 너와 안고 있었던 시간 I will miss you anywhere그리워할게 어디서도 난 너를 I miss you and I will wait for…

It’s You


Baby I’m falling head over heelsLooking for ways to let you know just how I feelI wish I was holding you by my sideI wouldn’t change a thing ‘cause finally it’s realI’m trying to hold back, you oughta know thatYou’re the one that’s on my…