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It’s time to take a rest?


Suddenly, I fainted for the first time. I don’t know why and it looks like a serious problem? I wish I just needed more rest and more water consumption.

In the middle of online meetings every Thursday, I go to the toilet in my rented room and then I feel like I lose control of my whole body (lose consciousness) and then I fainted. After I woke up I felt dizzy and bleeding on my lips because maybe I hit the hand-washing facility.

Then, I asked my friend about the way of medical examination on campus. I went to the NCU Health Center after the meeting (15 minutes later). After arriving, I was confused because the building was big and all the doors were closed during the covid-19 status. Then I just contacted my Taiwanese friend because it was difficult to get into the building. My friend immediately contacted the NCU Health Center via cellphone to allow me to enter the building. Thanks to @dawwnb , you helped me a lot!

All doors are closed during covid-19 status in Taiwan

At the NCU Health Center, I only rested for 30 minutes then checked my external body. The doctor said that everything was fine, but the temperature was high. I’m still scared because it’s my first time. Maybe I need to check the inside of my body, then she suggested going to the hospital for further examination. But, I didn’t go because I was afraid. The next day, the doctor contacted me about my condition, and my friend also asked again. I feel touched because I am a social person who always needs each other’s help and cares. Thank you!

Time to sleeeeepppp in NCU Health Center

I hope this is only the first and last time.
I’m nothing if I can’t control my body, like sleeping but not at the right time and place.

Take care of your health. 😀

  1. Dawn Dawn

    Good morning, Rio. You should take good care of yourself and pay more attention to your health!

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