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I really really really …..


我总是喜欢问你一些古怪的问题 Wo zong shi xihuan wen ni yixie guguai de wenti I always like to ask you some weird questions 回答我又觉得太没趣还会闹脾气 huida wo you juede tai meiqu hai hui nao piqi You answered me but I also think it too boring and started to get…

Qixi – Endless Love


成龙:解开我 最神秘的等待 jiě kāi wǒ zuì shén mì de děng dài Release me from this mysterious waiting 星星坠落 风在吹动 xīng xīng zhuì luo fēng zài chuī dòng The stars are falling and the wind is blowing 终於再将你拥入怀中 zhōng yú zài jiāng nǐ yǒng rù huái…

I wish


I like to see when they expressed their love,Walking or bicycling together,Holding hands and laughing together,Caressing lover and kissing without worry,Looking at each other with hope, It’s like their life is similar to a drama,Even though only a short picture,Love always together in their surrounding,Forgetting…