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Just be happy, and always be happy


Sometimes you think that fate is not fair,Sometimes you think that fate is not good enough,and sometimes you think that fate is not same with your plan, Hereafter, you will realize that your life is full of happy and beautiful with the different point of…

The best part in my life: It’s you


I think of you when the wind blowsI see your face almost everywhereSure, maybe Salt Lake is not closeBut I’m still breathin’ you in the air Because the best part is knowin’ there’s somethin’ in my dreamsThat always makes me smile, it’s youThe best part…

notes: Like My Father


I wanna come home to rosesAnd dirty little notes on Post-itsAnd when my hair starts turning greyHe’ll say I’m like a fine wine, better with ageI guess I learned it from my parentsThat true love starts with friendshipA kiss on the forehead, a date nightFake…