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I wish


I like to see when they expressed their love,Walking or bicycling together,Holding hands and laughing together,Caressing lover and kissing without worry,Looking at each other with hope, It’s like their life is similar to a drama,Even though only a short picture,Love always together in their surrounding,Forgetting…

a box of chocolates


Fate is just like chocolates in a box.Sometimes I know the taste is sweet, sometimes is bitter.However, I still can approve of it and eating chocolate.I didn’t know which one that I will get after I choose from the box.It’s because, chocolate didn’t need me,…

5W+1H Macbook Pro M1


My friends asked me why I use MacBook and why I buy MacBook M1 even though the pricing is not good. It’s like my friends ask about plus and minus before buying MacBook. Actually, my answer is simple, because I NEED IT at that time…