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I wish


I like to see when they expressed their love,
Walking or bicycling together,
Holding hands and laughing together,
Caressing lover and kissing without worry,
Looking at each other with hope,

It’s like their life is similar to a drama,
Even though only a short picture,
Love always together in their surrounding,
Forgetting everything problems in the world,
Thank you to showing me the affection of love,
I can see it and I can feel it, every day,

Maybe someday, I wish can be the same as they did,
Not only be an audience but also to be player,
To play like they, to expressing love,
In my youth or my old age,
In the right moment with the right person,

In the morning, we go to market together,
In the noon, we eat together,
In the afternoon, we go to pick our kids together,
In the evening, we watch ambient sunset together,
In the night, we watch stars together,

Together to enjoying life, with you,
Full funniest moment and crazy things with you,
Maybe, together with you can make colorful of our life,
I will keep this memory and emotion together,
Just, with you 😀

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