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In Your Time


The story left behind coldlyEvery moment of that time is vivid to meIn the fairy tale-like timeI am filled with the fear of being left aloneThe heart that stopped, now I’m trying to let goSo I can find the lost times Like this, I meet…



Wo-o-o-o-oWo-o-o-o-o Wo-o-o-o-oWo-o-o-o-o I will remember the moment I laughed with you기억할게 너와 웃던 순간 I will remember the time I was holding with you난 기억할게 너와 안고 있었던 시간 I will miss you anywhere그리워할게 어디서도 난 너를 I miss you and I will wait for…

Tak perlu dibayangkan


Jika dibayangkan, pasti setiap orang berandai untuk menjadi atau memiliki saat waktu kecil yang lucu seperti dek Shen Yue (cn), muda yang cute seperti mbak IU (ko), sekarang yang manis seperti mbak Im Yoon-ah Bae Suzy (ko), besuk anggun seperti mbak Son Ye-jin (ko), tuanya…