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a box of chocolates


Fate is just like chocolates in a box.Sometimes I know the taste is sweet, sometimes is bitter.However, I still can approve of it and eating chocolate.I didn’t know which one that I will get after I choose from the box.It’s because, chocolate didn’t need me,…

5W+1H Macbook Pro M1


My friends asked me why I use MacBook and why I buy MacBook M1 even though the pricing is not good. It’s like my friends ask about plus and minus before buying MacBook. Actually, my answer is simple, because I NEED IT at that time…

On A Secluded Road


I’ll walk with you on this deserted roadI’ll cry with you in your sadnessIn my ragged life, you were like a roseYou gave me a scent and I smiled because of you I want to fly higher, with you in my armsI want to go…